MicroTec Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator

MicroTec Demo version allows to simulate a fixed 2D NMOSFET structure. Material parameters as well as models and applied voltages may be varied freely thus alowing to fully analize MOSFET device physics.

In addition to that MicroTec Demo version allows 2D simulation of semiconductor process including implantation, diffusion, oxidation and epytaxy in a limited 2D domain with dimensions 0.7 by 0.7 microns.

The MicroTec graphical user interface is fully functional and allows to study the software as well as to use the results in a teaching process. The software can be used free of charge for educational purpoces. Brief installation instructions are presented here.

  Download MicroTec-4.23

SibLin Heat Transfer Solver

SibLin allows to simulate a few different physical phenomena because all of the are described by the same equation which is the Poisson equation. It is well suited for solving of 3D Heat Transfer, Poisson and Diffusions equations. It also can be used for calculation of speading resistance of three-dimensional structures described by a drift current speading equation. Robust BiCG method based numerical algorithms provide fast solution of problems with millions of mesh nodes.

SibLin Freeware version allows to simulate any structure with up to three layers in Z-direction but has full functionality in terms of the GUI.

Please request a download link for SibLin 1.2 by E-mail