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Please read carefully Smart Tweezers Manual before buying.

LCR-Reader with Carrying Case (No Charger) LCR-R1 $169.88
LCR-Reader USB Charger LCR-CH $11.98
LCR-Reader/ST5S Spare Tweezer Tips LCR-ST $24.98
LCR-Reader Replacement Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery LCR-RB $14.99
Smart Tweezers with Carrying Case and Charger ST5-SB $365.88
ST-5 Additional Tweezer Tips $38.99
ST-5 Replacement Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery ST5-RB $14.99
ST-3 Smart Tweezers Charger Assembly Kit ST-CK $99.99
ST-3 Additional Tweezer Tips Straight ST-TS $38.99
ST-3 Additional Tweezer Tips Bent ST-TB $38.99
ST-3/ST-5 Carrying Case ST-CC $9.99
ST-3 Replacement Rechargeable NiMH Battery ST-RB $14.99
ST-3 Replacement Disposable Battery ST-DB Pack of 10 $9.99
European Power Outlet Adapter $4.99
Air Mail North America $14.99
Express Mail Canada/US $35.00
Air Mail International $35.00
Express Mail International $60.00
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