Engineering & Educational Semiconductor
Process & Device Simulation Tools

Our goal is development of the most robust software tools for engineers

MicroTec Version 4.2

Two-dimensional Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator.

MicroTec is a versatile TCAD tool for non-professional TCAD users such as process or device engineers. MicroTec is a leading educational TCAD tool. Ease-of-use and robustness make it a suitable aid for any course on semiconductor technology or semiconductor device physics.

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SibLin Version 1.2

Three-dimensional Heat Transfer Simulator.

In addition to the heat transfer simulation, SibLin is equally suitable for solving of 3D Poisson and Diffusions equations or drift current speading equation that describes resistance of three-dimensional structures. Robust numerical algorithms ensure fast solution of large scale problems with 1,000,000 mesh nodes and above.

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OrChem Version 1.1

Chemistry Educational Software Tools for High Schools and Universities.

OrChem is an interactive educational software that can be efficiently used in either a tutorial or test mode for undergraduate university and high-school chemistry classes. It recognizes typical mistakes and steers students in the right direction with intelligent responses and hints and does assignement marking.

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